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Get to Know the Partners at Geh Chartered Professional Accountants - Fun Facts!

Updated: Mar 28

Here's a fun post that explains a little bit more about our accounting firm and what makes it different, PLUS, some fun facts about our partners, Peter and Elena Geh so you can get to know them a bit better! We hope you enjoy!

Get know Geh CPAs. Accountants serving West Kelowna, Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon and Lake Country.

Peter Geh - Fun Facts 😂

  1. I've only ever been to three concerts in my life. Kid Rock, Dierks Bentley and Madonna. I took my shirt off at the Kid Rock concert. Let's go!

  2. My first real job was pounding schnitzel for hours every week at a German Restaurant in Cloverdale. Mmmmmm schnitzel.

  3. I grew up on a duck and chicken farm. I have moved and shoveled a lot of poop.

  4. I once worked at a bucket manufacturing facility. I was responsible for buckets, and bucket accessories quality control. I know about buckets!

  5. My middle name is Helmut. It's a classic German name. It's often pronounced Hel-met instead of Hel-mut. Elena put Helmet on our wedding certificate :(

Elena Geh - Fun Facts 🤣

  1. I hate corn and watermelon. I'm not weird, you're weird for liking them.

  2. I've ridden a camel and an elephant. Only the camel tried to spit on me!

  3. I'm an expert at folding clothes. Fitted sheets, no problem for me.

  4. I met Peter at an accounting party. That's right, accountants have parties.

  5. I really struggle at coming up with fun facts.

About Geh Chartered Professional Accountants

Our Different Approach - Focus on Growth and Improving your Business

When we launched Geh Chartered Professional Accountants (Geh CPAs), we wanted to do something different. Way too often accountants focus is on compliance or taxes and rarely is the focus on actually helping the business owner do better business. To be blunt, business owners don't really care about compliance or taxes. Don't get me wrong, they want help with compliance and taxes, but what they really care about is someone that can help them grow and improve their business. At Geh CPAs, that's our primary relationship focus.

The way we best focus on business growth and profitability is through our fractional CFO service. We integrate into your business and understand your day to day. From there you can ask us whatever you want or request that we help you with something hands on like budgeting, overseeing your bookkeeping, or digging into your processes, pricing or costs. In addition, we fully appreciate the term, "you don't know what you don't know" so we'll pro-actively help you grow, improve, and manage your business from a CFO standpoint. Plus, if you want, we can help you with the compliance and taxes, or we can work with your existing accounting firm so they can still take care of that for you.

At Geh CPAs, we can help you with a lot of things, here's our top 10, err, 11!

  1. Help with cash flow management. Make sure you are optimizing your cash flow.

  2. Financial modelling and capital raising support. Tell your business' story through forward looking projections.

  3. Setting up and managing a budgeting. Plus, we can help you determine areas you might be spending too much or too little on.

  4. Corporate taxes (T2) and tax planning. Why pay too much tax? Make sure you are maximizing your deductions and planning.

  5. Year end financial statements (Notice to Reader). These might be needed for your bank or leasing company.

  6. Accounting help, including helping your staff with accounting issues or external review engagements or financial statement audits.

  7. Business analysis like costing or profitability. Need help determining if your jobs or projects are actually making money? Are you charging enough to your customers?

  8. Reviewing your accounting department's processes, procedures and controls. This is a great way to help boost efficiency and reduce errors or even fraud.

  9. Overseeing your bookkeeping or accounting department. We can help you manage your team and keep them on track. We also offer training, mentorship, leadership and best practices.

  10. Implementing new accounting software or apps. New software and accounting apps can really help boost efficiency and streamline operations.

  11. Help with business strategy, business trends and big business decisions. Why go at it alone? I'm confident we'll become one of your most trusted advisors.

Geh Chartered Professional Accountants provides accounting services, fractional CFO services and corporate tax services primarily to West Kelowna, Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton and Lake Country. We have office locations in Kelowna, BC and West Kelowna, BC.

Are you in West Kelowna, Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton or Lake Country and are you looking for a new accountant or accounting services? Think Geh Chartered Professional Accountants.


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