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Geh Chartered Professional Accountants is led by partners Peter & Elena Geh, both highly experienced CPA's.

Who are we?

Peter Geh, CPA - LinkedIn

Peter has the education and experience to really make a difference for you and your business. Over the last 15+ years he has been a critical resource to companies in setting up and scaling accounting functions, providing strategic guidance, modelling cash flows and reporting results among many other things. Peter has been the CFO for 20+ companies over his career in a wide variety of industries. Fractional CFO services for growing and exciting companies are his passion and specialty.

Elena Geh, CPA - Linkedin

Elena has 15+ years of accounting and business experience to help you. Her background working at organizations including the CRA, Ernst & Young, and various other roles as controller and senior accountant gives her a wide range of knowledge and experience to help you. Elena goes above and beyond in her roles and for her clients. She will work diligently with you to ease any concerns with your accounting, processes, controls, workflows and taxes.


We know quality fractional CFO, tax and accounting services can be hard to find and that qualified help can be prohibitively expensive. Our vision is to be your most trusted advisor and our primary goal is to help you grow and confidently manage your business while increasing profits. We endeavour to be available to talk and at your service. We provide affordable, valuable services to positively impact our clients.

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