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As Needed Tax and Accounting Services


Just what you need, Nothing you don't

It's ok, sometimes as needed, basic services is all you want and need! We have no problem with that and we are happy to help! Some of our clients choose this option because they have simple operations. Simple operations can include consultants invoicing through a corporation, service based businesses with limited offerings, and retail or ecommerce businesses. However, some of our clients, even with more complex operations choose our as needed option because it's their preference. No problem! Please check out our common as needed basic service offerings below.

tax Services

Corporate Taxes (T2)

Need help with your corporate taxes (T2)? No problem, we can help you with that. We have experience making sure things get done right and that you maximize your tax deductions. We offer an owner manager compensation discussion (some tax planning) with each corporate tax return we prepare.

Sole Proprietorships

Do you operate a unincorporated business or are you self employed? Are you looking for someone to help prepare you personal tax return along with schedule T2125? We can help you with that.

Other Corporate Tax Services

We offer a full suite of other corporate tax services such as:

  • Other returns such as dividend returns (T5), payroll returns (T4) and sales tax (GST / HST) returns.

  • Assessing and researching tax positions and deductions to ensure the best tax outcomes for you.

Personal Taxes (T1)

We only prepare personal tax returns for our corporate business clients, or our clients with sole proprietorships. Sorry, we do not prepare personal tax returns openly for any one needing this service.

accounting Services

Year End Financial Statements

Do you need compilation financial statements for your bank, getting a new lease or some other purpose? Using your accounting records and assistance, we can help you prepare these financial statements for your year end. 

The year end financial statements we prepare for you will be CSRS 4200, Compilation Engagements, compliant and are suitable for non-assurance purposes. These standards are published by Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada.

Read more about CSRS 4200, HERE.


We offer a regular, hybrid bookkeeping service that is meant to complement your own efforts in bookkeeping. This is perfect for business owners that want to maintain control and keep costs low by doing certain bookkeeping functions for themselves. We can come together with a plan where we will handle certain things, and you will handle the rest. If you have bookkeeping questions along the way, you can ask us to help and we'll be there for you.

Financial Audit and Year End Support

Year end compliance can be a huge burden on accounting departments, especially if you need to go through an audit or review engagement. We have a wealth of experience from the external accountants point of view and we can help your team through the process. We are experienced in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises (ASPE), complex financial statements and we have extensive experience with audit and control testing.

New Accounting System (ERP) Setup

Get setup or switch to easy to use, intuitive cloud accounting software such as Xero. Integrate easy to use financial apps to make bookkeeping, payroll, entering accounts payable, electronic payments, electronic payment collection, managing recurring revenue subscriptions and more, easy.

Approval Max

our All inclusive, year Round Support Option

Want a better, more supportive accounting firm experience that will help you manage and grow your business? We offer an all inclusive tax, accounting and business advisory option that supports you and your business throughout the year.

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