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Need a Technology Focussed Student to Help your Company for under $10 an hour?

Updated: Jul 8

Canada has always had great grant opportunities and perhaps a heavily subsidized university or college student is just the thing your business could use. As always, if you have a question or think you might want to work together, please get in touch through my Home Page. Also, never miss a blog by following me on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Technation student grants.

The Career Ready Program funded by the Government of Canada's Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) is currently funding technology student wages up to 50% and up to 70% for underrepresented groups. With the grant, your hourly rate to a student could be less than $10 per hour. That to me is an amazing deal worth sharing and writing about. Read more about the program and the current offering here:

How Students Can Help your Business

While a student isn't as valuable as an experienced staff member, the cost to benefit ratio is certainly in your favour. A student can help bring fresh ideas to your business and they likely know their way around technology better than most. Here are some examples of what a student could help you with:

  • A technology or engineering student could take on a fresh easier project or help your development team with a specific project that they are already working on.

  • Having a student for cheap allows you train someone that may stay and help build your company for the long run. It de-risks your cash outlay and helps you tap into more resources.

Important Considerations for the Program

  1. Work placements are in three terms. Summer, Fall and Winter.

  2. You can get a maximum wage subsidy per student of $7,000.

  3. You can hire more than 1 student, but you also need to provide them a little bit of mentorship during their stay with you. This is really important so be prepared for that.

  4. The criteria is pretty loose as the role just needs to be technology-focused. This can be applied to a wide variety of business functions.

  5. You can be pre-approved for a grant. This is great so you know that funding is there when you find your student.

While the above information is general in nature, I urge you to carefully read all the details on the Career Ready Program website.


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