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Fractional CFO and Accounting Services for your Growing Company

Our primary relationship goal with you:

To help you confidently manage and grow your business while increasing profits.

Why work with us

We offer a different approach.

You're in business to grow and be more profitable and that's our primary concern. Frankly, we're super excited when you have to pay more tax because it means you're making more money. Plus, we'll make sure you are confidently managing your business's finances and accounting along the way.

We offer a fractional CFO service as our primary offering. We integrate into your business and understand your day to day. From there you can ask us whatever you want or request that we help you with something hands on like budgeting, overseeing your bookkeeping, or digging into your processes, pricing or costs. In addition, we fully appreciate the term, "you don't know what you don't know" so we'll pro-actively help you grow, improve, and manage your business from a CFO standpoint. Small businesses deserve high level accounting and finance support but they certainly don't need it on a full time basis. That's where we come in and we want to be your most trusted advisor.

Our fractional CFO service is where we can really help your business thrive, but, it might not be for everyone. For those of you that prefer it, we also offer a host of as needed traditional accounting and tax services. This might be the perfect solution if you've already identified areas you need help with such as tax compliance, year end accounting support or some assistance implementing new accounting software or apps.

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How we can support you

Service Option 1

Integrated, Ongoing Fractional CFO Services

Benefit from having a fractional CFO in your corner. Get regular, integrated, ongoing accounting and finance support with your business. We will answer any questions you have and we will pro-actively help you grow, improve, and manage your business from a CFO standpoint. 

Service Option 2

As Needed Accounting and Tax Services

We can provide you with as needed accounting and tax services that you would expect from an accounting firm. This is perfect for those business owners that know exactly what they want or have a specific need they need help with such as corporate tax (T2) compliance.

Who We

Established Businesses

Small and medium sized businesses that have revenues and expenses that have been operating for at least 3 to 5 years. Here the focus is about growing revenues, cash flow, capital structure and adequacy, budgeting, business profitability, scaling and strategy, ensuring good financial controls, tax compliance and planning, accounting processes and financial oversight.

Who we help - Established Small and Medium Sized Business's

Start Ups

Businesses that are either pre-revenue or without significant revenue traction and are primarily funded through raised external capital, savings or family and friends. Revenues and expenses are being tracked in some way and there's a bookkeeping function in place. Here the focus is on setting up adequate accounting and finance systems, helping with planning and strategy, providing financial oversight, supporting capital raises or lending efforts, helping with agreements, taxes, human resources, and any other support the entrepreneurs may need.

Who we help - Start ups

We work with


Realestate and Construction

Retail Businesses

Service Businesses


Consumer Packaged Goods

We usually work with the above industries, however, if what you do isn't listed, ask us if we can still help.

Empty Factory

Areas We

The Okanagan is where we live.

Geh Chartered Professional Accountants provides integrated, ongoing fractional CFO and accounting services primarily to West Kelowna, Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton and Lake Country. 


Have a business in West Kelowna, Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton or Lake Country and are you looking for a new accountant or accounting services? At Geh CPAs, we'd love to hear from you! Initial consultations are always free.

West Kelowna Accountant
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