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Confidently Manage and Grow with a Kelowna Accountant

helping you confidently manage and grow your business

How we can support you

Service Option 1

All Inclusive Accounting and Tax + Business Advisory

We offer an all-inclusive service that supports your business throughout the year instead of just at "year end". Feel confident knowing that your tax and accounting is being taken care of with the added benefit of having a qualified resource ready with business help and advice when you need it.

Best Suited for Small Businesses that:

Are new and are looking for a solid foundation and good ongoing support.

Are established but are looking to grow and improve their businesses with expert support.

Aren't happy with the traditional, "see you next year" model that a lot of accounting firms use.

Are looking for great tax, tax planning, accounting services and business advice.

Service Option 2

As Needed Accounting and Tax Services

We can provide you with as needed accounting and tax services that you would expect from a traditional accounting firm. This is great for business owners that just want help with things like corporate taxes, tax planning, T4/T5 returns, and year end financial statements.

Best Suited for Small Businesses that:

Have simple, non-complex business operations.

May have the odd tax or accounting question during the year but don't need regular, ongoing help.

Are looking for great tax, tax planning and accounting services but don't really need anything more than that.

Service Option 3

Integrated, Ongoing Fractional CFO Service

Benefit from having a fractional CFO (part time CFO) in your corner. Get regular, integrated, ongoing management, accounting and finance support for your business. Have us join your team so we can pro-actively help you grow, improve, and manage your business with a hands on approach.

Best Suited for Small Businesses that:

Are established with at least $500K in revenues or around 10 employees.

Are exciting start ups that are close to commercializing a product or service.

Already work with an accounting firm for corporate taxes / other compliance and have at least 1 dedicated bookkeeper or accounting staff member.

Why work with us

We can offer you a different approach.

You're in business to grow and be more profitable and if you want, we can help you with that.

We offer a fractional CFO service as one of our primary service offerings. With this service, we integrate into your business and understand your day to day. From there you can ask us whatever you want or request that we help you with something hands on like budgeting, overseeing your bookkeeping, or digging into your processes, pricing or costs. In addition, we fully appreciate the term, "you don't know what you don't know" so we'll pro-actively help you grow, improve, and manage your business from a CFO standpoint. Small businesses deserve high level accounting and finance support but they certainly don't need it on a full time basis. That's where we come in and we want to be your most trusted advisor.

Our fractional CFO service is where we can really help your business thrive, but, it might not be what you're looking for, or what your business currently needs. For this reason, we have another great option that helps us stand out from the crowd. We offer a year round, all inclusive, accounting, tax and business advisory option. This option is perfect for business owners that want quality tax, tax planning and accounting help but also want a bit of help in managing, improving and growing their businesses. With this option, know that your tax and accounting is handled, but also go ahead and ask us your general business questions.

If you're looking for a more valuable and supportive accounting firm experience, we can help you, however, if you and your business just need help with things like tax compliance, tax planning, accounting, or year end financial statements. We can be there for you as well.

Geh Chartered Professional Accountants Different Approach to Business Advisory, Tax and Accounting

Who We

Established Businesses

Small and medium sized businesses that have revenues and expenses that have been operating for at least 3 to 5 years. Here the focus is about growing revenues, cash flow, capital structure and adequacy, budgeting, business profitability, scaling and strategy, ensuring good financial controls, tax compliance and planning, accounting processes and financial oversight.

A Busy Accountant

Start Ups and New Businesses

Businesses that are either pre-revenue or without significant operating history and are primarily funded through raised external capital, savings or family and friends. Revenues and expenses are being tracked in some way and there's a bookkeeping function in place. Here the focus is on setting up adequate accounting and finance systems, helping with planning and strategy, providing financial oversight, supporting capital raises or lending efforts, helping with agreements, taxes, tax planning, human resources, and any other support the business needs.

Small Business Help

We work with


Realestate and Construction

Retail Businesses

Service Businesses


Consumer Packaged Goods

We usually work with the above industries, however, if what you do isn't listed, ask us if we can still help.

Small Business Accounting Client

Areas We

The Okanagan is where we live.

Geh Chartered Professional Accountants primarily serves West Kelowna, Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton and Lake Country. 


At Geh CPAs, we'd love to be your new Kelowna accountant or West Kelowna accountant. Find out how we can help your small business. Initial consultations are always free.

Okanagan Lake Showing the General Area where Geh Chartered Professional Accountants Operates

Office Locations

Kelowna Accounting Location

106 - 460 Doyle Avenue

Kelowna, BC V1Y 2A2


West Kelowna Accounting Location

2449 Cobblestone Road

West Kelowna, BC V4T 3A8

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